Loire Valley, France

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Experience the magic of Loire Valley

Loire Valley provide a range of unusual ways for visitors of all ages to explore their heritage, their rich past and the life of today. Experience the magic of Loire Valley. These are our tips for exploring Loire Valley.

Explore vibrant cities with amazing architecture, fabulous shopping and pulsating nightlife. Enchanting medieval and picturesque villages and traditional wine villages with friendly festivals and regional specialities.



Château de Chenonceau

Spanning the languid Cher River atop a supremely graceful arched bridge, Chenonceau is one of France's most elegant châteaux.

Château de Chambord

One of the crowning achievements of French Renaissance architecture, the Château de Chambord – with 440 rooms, 365

Château de Villandry

Villandry's six glorious landscaped gardens are some of the finest in France, with over 6 hectares of cascading flowers, ornamental vines,

Cathédrale Ste-Croix

In a country of jaw-dropping churches, the Cathédrale Ste-Croix still raises a gasp. Towering above place Ste-Croix, Orléans’ Flamboyant

Le Clos Lucé

It was on the invitation of François I that Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), aged 64, took up residence at this grand manor house

Château d’Angers

Looming above the river, this forbidding medieval castle – seat of power of the once-mighty counts of Anjou – is ringed by moats,

Musée Balzac

You don't have to be a French-literature major to enjoy the lovely Musée Balzac, in the town’s château, where Balzac was a frequent

Maison de la Magie

Across the square from the château, this museum of magic occupies the one-time home of watchmaker, inventor and conjurer Jean