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Experience the magic of Carribbean

Carribbean provide a range of unusual ways for visitors of all ages to explore their heritage, their rich past and the life of today. Experience the magic of Carribbean. These are our tips for exploring Carribbean.

Explore vibrant cities with amazing architecture, fabulous shopping and pulsating nightlife. Enchanting medieval and picturesque villages and traditional wine villages with friendly festivals and regional specialities.




The Malecón, Havana's evocative 8km-long sea drive, is one of the city's most soulful and quintessentially Cuban thoroughfares.

Capitolio Nacional

The incomparable Capitolio Nacional is Havana's most ambitious and grandiose building, constructed after the post-WWI sugar boom

Santurce Mercado

Santurce's revitalized mercado rocks just like old times. The show starts not long after dawn when bleary-eyed market traders stock up

Dunn’s River Falls

These famous falls, 3km west of town, are Jamaica’s top-grossing tourist attraction. Great throngs of people can sometimes make it can

Puerta de San Juan

Spanish ships once anchored in the cove just off these ramparts to unload colonists and supplies, all of which entered the city through

Nelson’s Dockyard

This extensively restored Georgian-era marina has been in operation since 1745 and is Antigua's top sightseeing draw.

Museo del Niño

Kids love the three floors of hands-on exhibits stuffed into this orange-and-green building that sits on the edge of a small shady park.

Emperor Valley Zoo

Just north of Queen’s Park Savannah is the 2.5-hectare Emperor Valley Zoo, which opened in 1952. Though small, the zoo has some