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Experience the magic of Canada

Canada provide a range of unusual ways for visitors of all ages to explore their heritage, their rich past and the life of today. Experience the magic of Canada. These are our tips for exploring Canada.

Explore vibrant cities with amazing architecture, fabulous shopping and pulsating nightlife. Enchanting medieval and picturesque villages and traditional wine villages with friendly festivals and regional specialities.



Oratoire St-Joseph

The gigantic oratory honors St Joseph, Canada’s patron saint. The largest shrine ever built in honor of Jesus’ father,

Royal Ontario Museum

Celebrating its centennial in 2014, the multidisciplinary ROM is Canada's biggest natural history museum and one of the largest

CN Tower

Toronto's iconic CN Tower, a marvel of 1970s engineering, looks like a giant concrete hypodermic needle. Its function as a communications tower

Basilique Notre-Dame

Montréal's famous landmark, Notre-Dame Basilica, is a visually pleasing if slightly gaudy symphony of carved wood, paintings, gilded

High Park

Toronto's favorite and best-known park is a wonderful place to unfurl a picnic blanket, swim, play tennis, bike around, skate on the Grenadier Pond

Casa Loma

Toronto's only castle may have never housed royalty, but it certainly has grandeur, lording over The Annex on a cliff that was once

Lake Louise

Named for Queen Victoria's otherwise anonymous fourth daughter (who also lent her name to the province), Lake Louise is a place

Boldt Castle

Technically in the USA, though only 36km from Gananoque, so you'll need your passport to visit this lavish turn-of-the-century island castle