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The Magic of powerful connections

All business ventures will have the opportunity to do multidirectional cross-industry business, meaning both outside-in processes and inside-out processes are possible.

This will be a major drive for innovation and new ideas. Apex is not a government agency like any chamber of commerce, yet it has a similar profile.

It is also similar to consulting companies in the sense that it provides cross-business input.

However, the major difference is that Apex operates on the base of BPO: businesses can match themselves directly via the platform without an intermediate.

Classical social media tools like creating one’s own social site, one’s own social news and even one’s own social events that will also be circulated via the general platform, enable each business to pitch itself.

Yet if needed, intermediaries can also be consulted, because Apex also offers Global Business Services (GBS). This is the major difference to social business networks.

So generally spoken, Apex acts as a marketing and sales platform for Apex Members, who are also called Apex Business People.