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The Fine Investments

The Fine Investment Circle is a select group of members who are interested in investment opportunities and who want to promote, buy or sell them.

These investment opportunities consist of the finest properties and high-quality investment art items of the members and also from commercial investment opportunities around the world.

The Investment Circle also has the opportunity to participate in group investments, which consist of experts from various fields.

Members are entrepreneurs, experts, consultants and private individuals.

The purpose of the investment circle is to connect the best and to draw attention to the best investment opportunities.

Our Motto:

We currently have a global presence in 66 countries
as a business hub to connect entrepreneurs, business-people, and investors
We specialize in unique property opportunities which are guaranteed
to offer something extraordinary and rare,
which offers something better, more exclusive, more desirable...
especially those properties who have unique selling propositions.

Information for property owners:

The Apex World Fine Estates in 66 countries

At the moment we are represented in 66 countries. We would only pass the property on to investors in the respective countries who are approved by the owner. The potential investor only gets the access data, the further information of the property, which are approved by the owner

Privacy We protect the privacy of the owners.

We ask for permission

We specialize in the most beautiful and exclusive houses and estates. We understand the special demands of our esteemed customers.
We sell the most beautiful properties directly to local investors through our network of Apex Ambassadors FineEstates. The properties are mostly not open to the public. ,

Information for investors

Potential investors are interviewed in advance about your desired project and these lists are, without knowing the name of the investor, the Apex Ambassadors in the respective countries. As a result, it is in some cases relatively quickly possible for an investor to arrange a suitable property.

The Apex Investment Trust Team offers discretion, expert advice, and support throughout all stages of the buying process are attracting affluent and elite clients seeking high-quality commercial and luxury investment projects. Through an excellent network of prominent professional contacts in several countries throughout the world enabling us to offer you the most relevant and up to date investment properties that are available on the market today.