The Young Arts & Designer Clubs

Celebrating Artists & Connecting Communities


Connect your brand to the creative community of
designers, painters, musicians and photographers

Invite artists to a digital media experience which
enables artists and creators to collaborate with your brand on creative projects

The Arts Lovers Club

is a global creative online collaboration platform
and a social media marketing fair
and drive social media engagement and reach new audiences.

Stage 1: Submissions More>>

  • An open call for submissions
  • Brand sets out a creative brief for anyone to enter
  • During the submission period, the campaign is promoted through Apex Communication World,
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the host’s own social channels, and media partners

Stage 2: Open Review More>>

  • Public Apex Communication World, Facebook and Twitter social selection driving engagement and peer-to-peer conversations.
  • Artists who have entered the Creative Invite share their piece through social media for their friends and fans to share

Stage 3: Artists Selected more>>

  • Brand selects artists work which may be used across their paid, owned and earned channels.
  • After the selected artists are announced, infinite content, stories, and success follow up
  • After every campaign, Arts Lovers Club also provides a post campaign report for the brand